Balkan Green Academy


Balkan Green Academy is a two-week long program consisted of modules that covers three main pillars: policy-economy-society.  The Academy uses a cross-sectoral and transdisciplinary approach, encourages in-depth knowledge building and in the same time combining modules that will explore the policy perspective, economical business approach and societal impact. Each year the academy is educating future Balkan Green Ideas applicants about green and sustainable development. 


Main aims:

1. To promote principles and values of sustainable and green policy in issues related to economic, social and political development of the Western Balkan societies (with special focus on 2030 Agenda - Sustainable Development and Green Agenda for the Western Balkan).

2. To connect grass roots green activists, CSOs with green sustainable initiatives and potential or existing rural and urban green entrepreneurs.

3. To stimulate regional cooperation on green principles, values and experience sharing through cooperation with international and European stakeholders.

4. To prepare local and regional actors to identify potentials within-in their communities for creation of green and sustainable initiatives and businesses. 



Module 1 - Policy 

- SDGs Agenda in WB 2030
- Green Agenda for the Balkan
- EU Green New Deal
- National policies 
- Activism 
- Green Movements 
- Civic engagements 
- Existing ecosystem and identifying the stakeholders 

Module 2 - Economy 

-  Brainstorming for creation of small green sustainable initiatives and enterprises 
- Challenges and obstacles of setting sustainable businesses in WB

- Development of sustainable model with canvas methodology  
- Explore the potentials to set up a sustainable initiative/enterprise

Module 3 - Society 

- Environmental and social impact of the green initiatives/businesses in the local communities   
- Green sustainable partnership initiatives on local, national, regional level

- Can our green initiatives/businesses contribute to the global green agendas 2030/SDG



Our experts will provide capacity-building training sessions that will enhance knowledge on topics related to policy, activism, green ecosystems, sustainability, available finances, business development, building partnerships as well as green and environmental impact in the local communities. In additional of the teaching program, our experts will also offers support for mentoring and coaching of the attendees green ideas and will assist in the development of sustainable business models of micro and small green initiatives in the Balkan Region.  

Alumni Network


Balkan Green Academy will provide an education in green topics to 24 participants that are representing local communities in WB. The obtained knowledge will help them to approach local government much easier, to communicate with them on green topics relevant for their community as well as to make a potential synergy of joint initiatives or small local businesses that will contribute to local economic development in their rural or urban areas. Our 24 alumni will have the potential to strengthen their local community with the perspective to create cohesion and resilience with local governments and secure a real and long-lasting change in the local environment.

Alumni Network intent to contributes to cross – border, inter-regional and local cooperation between similar target groups that work in the green field. This network will strengthen the regional cohesion while bringing together at one place representatives of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. Through the regional program selected 24 future pioneers in the green field in the Western Balkans we will create a Regional Green Network consisted of green entrepreneurs, intermediary organizations, grassroot CSOs, informal groups and individuals, as well as other experts and relevant actors from WB6.