North Macedonia

The Organization for Social Innovation “ARNO” was established in 2013 as organization with vision, talent, energy and resources to be the creative source for improvement of the communities. As socially innovative organization ARNO is brought to have commitment, readiness, and ability to innovate to respond to social problems. The organizational values and attitudes intent to promote and sustain innovation by expectation of a deep understanding of complex social issues, culture of innovation and market orientation.  ARNO develops and supports social innovation through design of new options and diverse social initiatives, which are developed by active independent citizens that act jointly and contribute towards community development and social changes. 

“Green Ideas” is an annual competition which aims to serve as an incubator for small – scale green economic development ideas in North Macedonia, utilizing local resources and revitalizing traditions of production and community-based markets in an environmentally friendly way. The competition is administered by ARNO since 2015; and through clear criteria and a transparent and fair competition process, it supports individuals, social enterprises, non-for-profit organizations and small business ventures to improve and contribute to a better life for society in North Macedonia.

Each year the competitions is opened with Launch Event that is live-streamed. The application process is followed with opportunities for potential applicants to attend series of workshops (organized at country level) where they receive direct consultancy from a business expert and help and support for preparing the application forms. One of the workshops is filmed and is available online for further virtual guidance with open access. The entire process is followed by great media exposure and creative promotion-distribution of plantable paper cards with seeds, made by local green business. 

After the Open Call ends all received applications are evaluated by indented jury and ranked according score to 10 finalists. Those 10 shortlisted finalists are invited to present their green ideas at Public Event- the Annual National Competition, in front of an Evaluation Panel consisting of credible jury member representatives coming from donor agencies, business community, economic chambers, civil society sector, environmental experts etc.  At the end of the Event, 3 winners are selected to further compete at the Regional Competition and these 3 ideas are awarded with pro bono consultancy services provided by the national partner- the Certified Consultants Association “MKA2000”, while the first winning idea is awarded with travel voucher for their further pitching costs coverage at international event, a voucher endowed by the Fund for Innovation and Technology Development (national public institution).

The national ideas that receive regional awards are monitored and evaluated through the upcoming year by ARNO’ project team; while all finalists are tracked, encouraged and further matched with various stakeholders, donor programs and incubators that are able to recognize and support their growth and impact.

National Lead Contact person:
Irina Janevska, President