Green Ideas Participants

Permeti's Yummy Treasures (Albania) mission is to offer customers the traditional, delicious, healthy and organic products of the inhabitants of Përmet, aiming to get acquainted with local culture and gastronomy and generate financial income for local families. Desiring to fulfill its mission, this exhibitor-shop will offer to visitors to take part in Përmet with themselves, but also to sit down and enjoy the extraordinary products of this area, with the opportunity to buy them as well.

Romix Toys - Community Comics (Albania) aims to produce hand-made toys, accessories and souvenirs based on graphic novels and comic books created by the Romix-Community Comics brand. Established itself under a social entrepreneurship type of business, Romix Toys seeks to bring forth social and environmental impact through a growing community of eco-friendly clients and innovation.

Hazelnut Farm (Albania) is the newest brand in Mallakastra, which produces organic hazelnuts, olive oil and nuts. Hazelnuts Farm started 3 years ago when Kreshnik (the administrator) returned from Italy and started to gather all the organic products from the villages around Mallakastra to sell them later. In this regard, two main objectives of this idea are: 1. Barren land to be used for cultivation of hazelnuts and olive oil; and 2. Promotion of local products (hazelnuts and olive oil). 

L-Eco (Bosnia and Herzegovina) focuses its mission on the collection of glass waste. After the collection, the glass waste goes under the process of packing, storing, processing and further distribution.

Eko-Logical (Bosnia and Herzegovina) uses an innovative method to produce wooden straws for drinking made from scrap wood, not harming any trees in the process.

Ergon (Bosnia and Herzegovina) focuses on improving agriculture and protecting the environment by methods that save water and electricity, and protect the land when applying chemicals to the farmlands.

The Pokari Project (Greece) is an interdisciplinary group consisting of breeders, artisans and scientists who aim to revive greek wool with the belief that any wool is a valuable raw material if used wisely, as it is a natural material with multiple traits. It has thermoregulating, sound, wind proofing, and to some extent, fire-resistant properties. When correctly processed, it is relatively waterproof. Besides that, it is a skin-friendly and biodegradable material. It has been used traditionally in construction, the textile industry, as a filling for bedding and mattresses, and farming as a fertilizer. 

Social Enterprise Paleovraha (Greece) main goal of idea is "Innovative practices of sustainable agriculture "from field to shelf"" to achieve the production of food of high nutritional value, by a group of producers, respecting the environment, fellow human beings and the community, aiming also to create sustainable working positions.

Aegon Cargo Sailing (Greece) offers three basic services: 1) The transport of fine products of the Aegean from island to island and Attica by sailing boats; 2) The promotion and networking of Aegean producers in markets in other islands, in Attica and in Europe (Italy, France, Switzerland); 3. Mild ecological sailing tourism in the Aegean islands for visitors/ crew members and highlighting the gastronomic and cultural wealth of the area without an environmental footprint.

Frymë - Eco-Tourism (Kosovo) project aims to educate and raise public awareness of environmentally friendly and sustainable recyclable products. The tourism, food and household industries are the three target markets for the sale of these products. The products will be available to the target customers/groups through the online service.

GoBeyond (Kosovo) plans to establish a research-based farm for the production of high-quality insect protein in Kosovo. It aims to translate complex insect farming technology into a mainstream farming branch, available to all and to contribute to the increase of global food systems efficiency and food availability. As this agricultural branch is still very young, research done in Kosovo will contribute to a growing international body of knowledge. Its objective is to fit in and contribute to the goals of the Green Deal of the European Union as part of a growing organic sector with sustainable food and feed systems in the region.

The Botanic Project (Kosovo) purpose is focused on the increase of the number of Packages from recycled paper, and having a modern machine for filling filters that will be biodegradable. Botanic will be able to offer products to all consumers of organic products and increase the clientele by supplying a large number of organic stores and various pharmacies and restaurants in Kosovo. 

Mycellium (Montenegro) aims to create a decentralized farm that is sustainable financially, and environmentally, and makes both immediate and long-term social impacts.

ButtMade (Montenegro) focuses on recycling cigarette butts, preventing their improper disposal, and transforming them into useful products.

Monticola, embraced by nature (Montenegro) aims to generate funds for nature protection.

O-Krug (North Macedonia) project converts citrus peels into a line of products starting with essential oil and natural air freshener, opening up job posts for the marginalized youth.

Djagor (North Macedonia)  is a business that is based on a circular economy. By introducing the system and opportunity for renting toys and equipment for children at our market, the idea aims to offer a green alternative to the hyper-expenditure of toys that are leaving a hazardous footprint on the climate crisis. The second objective is to enable affordable opportunities for play with high-quality ecological toys and equipment, for those with less economical possibilities. 

Atelje Irina (North Macedonia) aims to make a new label called "Mini Irina Tosheva", focused on a line of clothes and accessories for pets. Local production of those clothes and accessories will be based on sustainability and solving the problem of textile waste which will be the main resource in the production.

NewPen - Eco-friendly pencils  (Serbia) business ideas focuses on the production of graphite pencils and crayons from used newspapers and recycled paper.

Association Women's Center Užice - Retex (Serbia) - is an innovative center for collecting and recycling textile products. The center's employees are women from vulnerable groups and are based on the principles of a solidarity economy.

Association Steps up (Serbia) - the focus is on connecting companies/donors and individuals through a mobile walking app. Inspired by the success of previous campaigns, the idea wants to develop a self-sustainable, long-term business model, whose main mission is a continuous contribution to the community in identified areas.