Partners Albania for Change and Development is Balkan Green Ideas National Lead based in Tirana. It is an independent Albanian NGO established in 2001, supporting civil society and facilitating inter-sector cooperation to strengthen democratic institutions and advance economic development. Partners Albania is a member of Partners Network, a partnership of 22 independent, local organizations in Europe, the Americas, Africa and the Middle East working for peaceful and democratic change.

Balkan Green Ideas is an annual competition organized by Partners Albania on a national level, which aims to serve as an incubator for small–scale green economic development ideas in Albania, utilizing local resources and revitalizing traditions of production and community-based markets in an environmentally friendly way. The competition was launched in 2012 and through clear criteria and a transparent and fair competition process, it supports individuals, social enterprises, non-for-profit organizations and small business ventures to improve and contribute to a better life for society in Albania.

The shortlisted finalists present their proposal during the two days of competition, before an Evaluation Panel consisting of experts in the field of education, environment, economy and business development. At the end of the match, five winners are selected based on each Lot, being awarded up to 500,000 ALL (approximately 5,000 USD/EUR) for Lot 1 “Business Ideas at Conceptual Stage”, and with up to 800,000 ALL (approximately 8,000 USD/EUR) for Lot 2 “Businesses in Pre-Seed Stage”. The funding pool consists of RBF contributions and private-sector companies in Albania. Three winners at the national level are selected to compete at the Regional Competition, where they compete for extra financial support of up to 5,000 USD for Lot 1 and 10,000 USD for Lot 2.

Partners Albania provides regular training to all interested participants in the competition before it takes place to strengthen the applicants’ business proposals in business canvas and marketing plans. To all the winners, coaching on various business aspects is provided during the incubation period. Assistance is offered pro-bono by a group of companies, and supporters of this program.

National Lead Contact person:
Alis Mustafa, Project Manager