VentureUP is the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center and official Incubator of the University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”, which serves as a bridge between education and the labor market for over 50,000 young Kosovars.

Balkan Green Ideas in 2023 will be organized by VentureUp on the national level which aims to serve as an incubator for small–scale green economic development ideas in Kosovo, utilizing local resources and revitalizing traditions of production and community-based markets in an environmentally friendly way. The competition was launched in 2012 and through clear criteria and a transparent and fair competition process, it supports individuals, social enterprises, non-for-profit organizations and small business ventures to improve and contribute to a better life in Kosovo. The selected applicants will present their proposal before an Evaluation Panel consisting of experts in the field and three winners will be selected to compete at the Regional Competition. The three selected winners will receive coaching and tailored mentorship by  VentureUp before attending the Regional Competition.  

National Lead Contact person:

Mentor Rexhepi, Executive Director