NGO LENS is a non-governmental organization, established in 2010 by communication and information technology experts, human rights activists and open society enthusiasts to contribute to the development of democracy and increase the quality of life through promoting use of modern technology, innovation and better access to information. To further promote their mission, Lens has supported more than 60 civil society organizations and social enterprises throughout the country with grants, trainings and mentorship. 

Balkan Green Ideas is an annual competition organized by NGO LENS on national level which aims to serve as an incubator for small – scale green economic development ideas in Kosovo, utilizing local resources and revitalizing traditions of production and community-based markets in an environmentally friendly way. The competition was launched in 2012 and through clear criteria and a transparent and fair competition process, it supports individuals, social enterprises, non-for-profit organizations and small business ventures to improve and contribute to better life in Kosovo. The selected applicants will present their proposal before an Evaluation Panel consisting of experts of the field and three winners will be selected to compete at the Regional Competition. The three selected winners will receive coaching and tailored mentorship by NGO LENS before attending the Regional Competition.  

National Lead Contact person:

Merisa Abdullahu, Project Coordinator